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The Levin ski slopes has gained the authentication of FIS

The newly built flagship Levin ski slopes in Snowland passed the authentication of FIS in 2015, which conforms to the 819-meter level difference within 3000-meter inclined length, and the first mountain downhill ski slopes conforming to the highest ski competition standard in China, as well as the advanced and professional ski slopes realizing the highest level difference within 300 kilometers around Beijing. After the opening of the new snow field containing this Levin ski slopes will bring to the skiers the exciting and interesting sports experience, which becomes the holy land of the ski fans. The first snow field introduction part is planned to open in the winter from 2019 to 2020, including more than 20 ski slopes and 8 ropeway facilities.

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Aviation introduction

The Snowland airport is planned to be the equipped flight basement for the 2022 Winter Olympics area, and has been obtained the using permission for the middle and low air region of the relative sections. The helicopter No. 1 landing field, flight No. 2 1000-meter track, and regional jet No. 3 2600-meter track can ensure the full-functional usage in the flying region, including “tourism”, “training”, “rescue”, “parachuting”, “stunt flying” and so on. The brand new flight and journey facilities in the Snowland and the careful equipped service will provide you the high-qualified free journey for the 2022 Winter Olympic area, and also will provide the fast, steady and safe transportation insurance for the fans for ski and mountain sports.

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Snowland Phase I Hotel Apartment is located in the heart of Snowland's leading area

There are more than 500 sets of room in the Stephen Hotel apartment, including the qualified guest room, scene view suite, LOFT apartment. The hotel apartment has 21000 square meters comprehensive commercial equipment, covering the ski departure, spring SPA, children world, middle and high level of theme restaurants, pubs, amusement KTV, cinema, multi-functional hall, chess and card room, desk game bar, cafe and reading bar, yoga gym, healthy massage and so on.

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The creative scientific and technological products in Snowland

Beijing SUN Research Institute tries its best to lead the historical revolution of the ski equipment industry, including the intelligent ski boots, ski jackets, ski poles and ski board, which has completed the first research. The Snowland has applied the international PCT patent, and the official part has affirmed it is the first world creation after searching and examining. The first generation of intelligent ski equipment will emerge in 2018and be produced in Europe.
Another important researching result is the man made room-temperature snow which “stand 1000 degree and ski for 1000 years”, which is “Summer Snow”. This result has gained the international PCT patent and obtained the patent authorization of more than 30 countries, including China, US, Japan, and EU. The researching team is perfecting the technical process, and it is predicted that the demonstration ski slopes of Snowland in 2018 will be built and put into the market before the snow season in 2019. Through the application of “Summer Snow”, ski will finally become a global sport which is not influenced by landscape and climate, but a proper for the four seasons, fashionable and stimulating sport.

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The direct distance to Chongli Taizi city high speed train station is 8 kilometers
The distance to Beijing (Yanqing) is 130 kilometers


This project locates in 41 degree north latitude, with obvious feature of mainland monsoon type climate, and the four seasons are distinctive. The average temperature in summer is 21.6°C, which is very comfortable. There are 150 days for snow season every year.


The project locates in the position with perfect wind and water, surrounded by mountains with high rate of plant covering. The air is cleaner than other places in North plain, and the rare blue sky and white clouds is common here.

Snowland proposes the green travel mode. The panoramic train imported from Swiss travels the whole terrain. The planned railway is 56 kilometers long totally within the terrain. The current building is 24 kilometers long around the line with 16 stations connecting the whole region to New Dragon Lift.
After construction, the ski track in Snowland will become the only state ski “holy place” which realizes 800-meter level difference within 3000-meter inclined length within 300 kilometers of Beijing. Ski field has gained the certificate of mountain downhill ski slopes awarded by FIS in July 31, 2015, and has reached the scene standard of the highest international standard ski competition.
New Dragon Lift is the highest vertical outdoor elevator through the mountain in the world. The vertical elevating height reaches 638 meters, which is another wonder created after Bailong high ladder in Zhangjiajie. The top station is 2135 meters latitude, with the elevating speed of 12 meters per second, manages 24 hours every day, carries 4.15 million people every year, directly reaching the top sightseeing floor, the highest part of Snowland, from which can overlook the whole snow world and go down along the golden ski slopes, experiencing the unprecedented speed and carefree.
Sightseeing cogwheel railway

Snowland 638 meters world first lift height elevator elevator release

Zhangjiakou City Leaders Survey Snowland Project

France's MND Signs Agreement with China's Snowland to Create an International Ski Resort