Snowland residential journey project locates in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. It locates in the western part of Hebei province and the northwestern part of Beijing, crossing Chongli and Chicheng, whose distance from Beijing is 80 kilometers after the Beijing to Chongli Express way is conducted. The planned area is 116 square kilometers, with the investment of fundamental facilities of 10.9 billion RMB. To the year 2030, the planned population is 100,000 with the controlled population less than 150,000.

The Snowland takes “ski”, “aviation”, “medical” and “education” as the core, actively fostering the development of financial, technology, culture, art and other industries, which plans to take 10 to 15 years to plant a demonstrative city with the feature of residence and tourism in four seasons. As the important investment project emphasized by Hebei province, since the contract signed and the project founding of Snowland project, it has gained the high emphasis of the municipal Party committee and government in Zhangjiakou, as well as the support of Chicheng county Party committee, county government, Chongli district Party committee and district government. After founding the project, it will make Chicheng and Chongli immerse into the capital economic circle of the coordinating development in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to the highest degree.


ADDRESS:Room 1206,12 F ,Tower 2,Damei Center,7 Qingnian Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,PRC